Monday, November 15, 2010

Did Toy Story 3 Contain a Warning for the Democrats?

Just a couple of days before the mid-term elections, author Andrew Klavan explored for the L.A. Times some of the striking parallels between the philosophic forces shaping the elections and...Toy Story 3.

Sound wild? Well, I guess it is. But Klavan makes some very solid points. And, as usual, he makes them in a memorable, entertaining way.

Thanks to Kathryn Judson for pointing out this nifty article. (And, for those of you who haven't seen the movie yet, be careful of a few spoilers.)

...Which brings us back to the midterm election, which may also be the beginning of a narrow escape indeed -- a narrow escape from a leftist culture that has sought for 40 years to people and shape our imaginations with Lots-o'-Huggin' Bears, Big Babies and sissified men; an escape from race-baiters and gender warriors who have sought to take away our pride in our heroic cowboy past and replace it with a droning litany of our all-too-human sins; an escape from an intellectual and political elite who have attempted to destroy our Space Age optimism by selling us environmental hysteria, guilt and fear.

Most of all, let's hope this "Toy Story 3" election is the beginning of an escape from the smothering notion that we are helpless victims who need to live in a daycare state that supplies our every need. Perhaps then we can return to the great American conception of ourselves as loyal, courageous and resourceful individuals fashioned by our creator to be free, and well able to find our own way to infinity and beyond.