Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Crunch Time! (The Movie Version)

For those of you haven't seen these brief inspirational video clips...

For those who'd like to see them again...

And for those who will use the links to forward them to others in these crucial days before the are a few of the most impressive video clips that have appeared on Vital Signs Blog these last couple of months.

Again, please send them on to your e-mail lists and Facebook posts. Or, what's even easier, just forward this entire post and let them scan through the list. Whatever -- let's do our bit to make sure these video clips "go viral" in our respective circles in order to turn out the vote...big time.

It will make a difference!

The Final Act: Are You Ready?

Your Turn

Phase One: USA Owes China. Phase Two: China Owns USA.

Vote These Knuckleheads Out!

Coming Soon to a Polling Booth Near You

"I'm An American"

Taking America Back

Yipes! That Was the Summer of Recovery?

Inside A Democrat Incumbent's Office

Coming This Fall: "I Want Your Money"