Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Among Those Promoting Abortion? The Girl Scouts!

I've pointed out before various aspects of the tragic transformation of the Girl Scouts of America: Girl Scouts Team Up with Planned Parenthood; The Girl Scouts of America: Adrift in a New Age Sea; More on the Girls Scouts' Embrace of New Age Nuttiness and These Sure Aren't Your Mom's Girl Scouts!

But here's a thorough and provocative analysis of the organization by one of the truly heroic pro-life leaders of our time, Dr. Jack Willke, former President of National Right to Life. The title of his essay is "The Girl Scouts: Promoting a Pro-Abortion Agenda."

Please read through these revealing articles before buying that next box of cookies, let alone before allowing your daughter to sign up for this increasingly disappointing organization. Instead, look at a terrific alternative, American Heritage Girls. It's a group that seeks to serve God, honor America and provide girls with an atmosphere of fun, wholesomeness, safety, learning and respect for the values that established Western civilization.