Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yes, Virginia. "Ella" Is an Abortion Drug.

Join the campaign to inform pharmacists (and the general public) of the scientific realities of the new abortifacient drug from Watson Pharmaceuticals, ella.

The stakes are of the highest value of all, human lives.

Here, from and the Family Research Council, is more:

...The FDA and Watson are able to call the drug non-abortifacient because they have redefined the beginning of pregnancy -- changing it from conception to implantation. That makes it appear an unborn child after conception does not lose her life to the drug when testing in animals and humans make it clear the drug causes abortions.

But, since the drug is "effective" up to five days following intercourse, there is clearly sufficient time for conception to occur and for a unique human being's life to be destroyed via use of the ella drug.

The FDA approval requires the ella drug to be sold with a prescription requirement tin the same manner as the RU 486 abortion drug, known as mifepristone and that has killed anywhere from 13-50 women worldwide. That means pharmacists will be involved in dispensing the drug to women who present valid prescriptions for it.

The Family Research Council has launched a campaign designed to get pro-life advocates to inform their pharmacists that ella causes abortions and to urge them to refrain from dispensing it.

"Due to the FDA's approval of 'ella' as an EC, pharmacists may believe they must cover ella as a prescription drug," FRC president Tony Perkins said in a recent email to the group's members. "However, many pharmacists do not know about the dangers of this drug or that it functions like an abortifacient. Many pharmacies may not know ella can cause an abortion, and need to be aware of these concerns before they begin stocking this abortion drug."

"To educate pharmacists around the country about this new abortion drug and shed light on its dangers, we ask you to download this informational flyer, take it to your local pharmacy, and respectfully ask your pharmacist not to offer the ella abortion drug," he added..