Monday, September 27, 2010

Will Omaha Protect "Sexual Orientation" and "Gender Expression" as Civil Rights?

Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray has requested the addition of "sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity" as protected categories in the City of Omaha's prohibitions of discriminatory practices and in the Equal Employment Opportunity clause required in all City contracts.

Do you believe that the "gender expression" of, say, cross dressing should be elevated to the same protection as race or religion?

Then you need to contact your City Council member and the Mayor of Omaha as soon as possible. They have set a time for public comment but there isn't much time left to express your opinions of this radical shift in law. So call soon and pass the word on to your friends, neighbors, fellow church members, etc., to do the same.

From what we've experienced thus far, both the City Council and the Mayor are taking a much too casual attitude towards this bold change. So let them clearly understand the will of the Omaha citizenry on this crucial matter.

444-5557 is the Council's office.
444-5555 is the Mayor's office.