Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Open Letter to Nebr. AG Jon Bruning: Regulating Abortion Clinics

Dear Attorney General Bruning,

I’m enclosing a printed copy of a recent Vital Signs Blog post which concerns the action taken by the Virginia Attorney General to begin regulating abortion facilities at hospitals and surgery centers.

What a terrific move! And yet it just makes for common sense.

So why can’t you do that here in Nebraska?

I know you’ve responded to letters from my friends (as well as to me) that suggest this matter isn’t really your responsibility. But requiring tough actions by the Nebraska health officials
is your responsibility! So how about it?

Political representatives that are pro-life at public meetings and banquets but not in the actual practice of their jobs just aren’t good enough. We need aggressive, principled and intelligent champions to lead the way.

Please…let’s get moving on this ASAP.

cc: Virginia Attorney General K.T. Cuccinelli II

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman

Nebraska Right to Life

Nebraska Family Council

Nebraska Catholic Conference