Monday, August 30, 2010

Of Memories Treasured, Letters Written and Lives Saved

Blogging is light today because of 1) sidewalk counseling this morning; 2) the need to finish the next edition of "When Swing Was King" for tomorrow's presentation at Life Care Center; and 3) the need to prepare for tonight's P.A.L. Night, Vital Signs' regular letter-writing meeting that will begin at our place at 7 o'clock. As always, we will be writing letters to politicians, business leaders, editors and more -- letters, I assure you, that make a real difference.

If you're interested in joining us to do "a little shining instead of a little whining," give us a ring. We provide the action targets, the stationary and stamps, the coffee and cookies....and the convivial atmosphere of like-minded friends.

And, by the way, the sidewalk counseling team experienced yet another dramatic turn-away from the Bellevue abortion mill this morning. Remember Claire's report from last week? Well, on tomorrow's blog, we'll fill you in on the miracle that happened today -- a miracle that involved twins!

Don't miss it!