Friday, August 27, 2010

Obama Administration Knowingly Endangers America's Youth

Following up on Wednesday's post ("Govt Sex Ed: More Flim Flam from Team Obama") is a Life News story on just how many abstinence education programs are going to be chopped by the Obama administration -- 176. And this following the disclosure of the government's own study showing how effective those programs are in helping teens develop self-respect, plan for their future, and avoid the heartbreak, STDs and pregnancies that come from premarital sexual activity.

This means the Obama administration knows full well that cutting funding for these programs endangers America's youth. But because he and his team have so embraced immoral doctrines about sexuality, including the aggressive promotion of sexual perversions and abortion, they don't care.

Far more important to Barack Obama than the health and well-being of America's teenagers is the applause of Planned Parenthood and the LGBT lobby.

There's no doubt about it; we have worse than incompetents and liars running the country -- though they are certainly that. These guys are flat out wicked.