Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who Owns the Rain?

Who owns the rain -- even the rain that falls on your own property?

Well, if you live in Utah, Washington or Colorado, it seems the government does.

Picture this. You are a citizen of one of those states and decide to be environmentally responsible. You get a barrel with which to collect the rainwater that runs off your roof which can then be used (in place of extra tap water that depletes the nearby reservoir) to wash your hair, fill your pool, or water your garden. Guess what?

You're breaking the law.

For it turns out the government can fine you for that common sense action. If you fail to pay the fine, you could, like other serious criminals, be tossed in jail. Therefore, you must desist from the practice. The only legal recourse you have is to apply for a water use permit for which -- you guessed it -- you must pay the government. If they allow it at all.

It's another case of government by arrogant nincompoops.

Below is a news clip from a Utah TV station and over here you'll find a story on this remarkable situation from Natural News. That story, by the way, may seem to go a bit over the top towards the end. But then, who would have thought state governments would dare claim they had the rights to the raindrops a'fallin on your head? (Hat tip: Ron Rizzo)