Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beware the Wolves! (And Other Vital Signs Notes)

The latest in the Faith Bible Church sermon series, "Beasts of the Bible," is available over on the Vital Signs Ministries web site. The series has been a exciting one and very well received. We hope visitors to Vital Signs Blog will take the opportunity to see what's going on too by giving one or more of those "beastly" sermons a listen. You'll find them by using this link and we think you'll find them of great value.

All of the sermons are based upon a careful exegesis of the respective Scripture texts but present the information in a relevant, inspirational way. We even have a little fun. So do check them out.

Last Sunday's sermon was "Beware the Wolves." The previous titles in the series are "Donkeys and Horses," "The Stampeding Swine," "The Prodigal Prophet Meets the Great Fish," "The Blasphemers and the Bears," and "The Talking Donkey."

Also of note (though I'm pretty late in making the announcement) is that the July edition of the LifeSharer letter is up at the VSM site. The LifeSharer is the monthly correspondence from Claire and I that gives an insider's view of what's happening in this evangelical pro-life ministry that has been serving the cause of "the least of these" since 1982.

In this issue, we have information about our sidewalk counseling, about our outreach at nursing homes and assisted living residences, updates on both the ministry and our personal lives (usually the same thing!), a brief essay entitled, "Why the Abortion Movement Is Bummed Out," and more.

We always hope and pray that individuals who read through our monthly LifeSharer letter -- along with surveying our web site, our history, and the daily postings on this blog -- will find themselves desirous of helping us in our crucial and comprehensive work. You can do so by prayer, by participating in our various activities, by encouragement and, yes, by financial contribution. The last can be provided simply by using this donation link. We would be very grateful for such help (in any amount) so thank you very, very much.

And finally, one quick update on our "When Swing Was King" outreach. The news must be spreading fast. And, thank the Lord, the reviews of the program must be pretty good. For just since this post last Friday, we have been invited to present the program at two more places, Skyline Manor and Immanuel Courtyard. We couldn't be more honored and pleased.