Friday, June 18, 2010

"The Hornets' Nest" and the Latest LifeSharer Are Up

Having finished a series of sermons on the New Testament book of Colossians recently, last Sunday's sermon dealt with the Battle of Shiloh in the American Civil War as well as several spiritual parallels of relevance to our own day. If you'd like to listen in, please do. I hope you find it of interest and value.

The June edition of the LifeSharer letter, the monthly correspondence I write for Vital Signs Ministries, is over at the web site too. A good deal of the letter is the essay I have already published here at the blog on June 11th. It was titled "D-Day (Plus One) at an Abortion Clinic."

However, there are a few other matters presented in the June letter which you might find of interest. And, of course, if any of you would like to become a Vital Signs Ministries LifeSharer and receive either an e-mail or direct mail version sent to you every month, please let us know. We'd be happy and honored to put you on the list.

And though financial contributions to Vital Signs are deeply appreciated (you can even do so online through this link), that isn't at all necessary to being on our LifeSharer list.

So, go on over to the Vital Signs Ministries site. Read a LifeSharer letter or two. Look around the site. And perhaps you'll want to help us out when you can. Thanks so much.