Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Writing!

Regular visitors to Vital Signs Blog know I frequently pass along action alerts designed to get you involved in grassroots advocacy. In those posts I describe what's happening, why your response is valuable, contact information, and sometimes even show you a sample letter.

Why? 1) I'm convinced that "shining" is a lot more responsible than just "whining."

2) Letter-writers tend to become even more informed, more alert, more eager to pass the word along in other venues too.

and 3) Letters actually work!

These are the reasons that one of Vital Signs Ministries' first activities (way back in 1983) was the beginning of P.A.L. Nights, regularly scheduled meetings where we would spend a short time of prayer together and then, while we kept the coffee and tea hot, we wrote letters.

Vital Signs still carries on this tradition. Why? Because letters actually work.

But don't just take my word for it. Give a listen to this interesting 5-minute lecture by business entrepreneur and politician Omar Ahmad. If you find it motivational, then print off this helpful letter-writing primer and get started making a difference.

(Hat tip for the Ahmad clip to Regis Nicoll at Breakpoint.)