Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What About This Catholic Scandal?

Pro-life champion Barbara Curtis points out a scandal in the Catholic Church that no one else seems to be noticing; namely, that 94% of the Catholic Democrats in Congress shrugged off the ancient teachings of their Church and the clear directives of the Conference of Catholic Bishops and voted FOR legislation that promotes abortions...and even requires American citizens to pay for them.

She continues:

Interestingly, Rush mentioned today that liberals want to destroy traditional institutions until they can take them over - including not just the U.S. government but also the Catholic Church.

Part of the blame for the health care debacle lies with U.S. bishops, who should have excommunicated renegade "Catholics" like Pelosi and Biden years ago. But there are signs that things are turning around, wit several strong and faithful bishops (e.g. Chaput) speaking straightforwardly to the issues of our day.

Both priests at my parish spoke out strongly Sunday - saying in no uncertain terms that you cannot be a Catholic in good standing if you vote for healthcare that includes funding for abortion.