Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The States Are Fighting Back!

...But the congressional votes to pass Obamacare will not make the issue go away. It will stick around to plague the Democrats not only through the 2010 elections but for the rest of Obama's Administration.

The American people have figured out that the issue is not health care; it's freedom. It's whether Obama will succeed in "fundamentally transforming" the American nation, the first leg of which is to put complete control over every individual's health into the hands of government bureaucrats and their appointed "experts."

Opposition to this Obamanation is manifesting itself not only in Tea Parties, Town Hall Meetings, a tsunami of phone calls to the U.S. Capitol, and spontaneous demonstrations in unprecedented numbers. The revolt against Obamacare is also resonating in state capitols all over the country...

Phyllis Schlafly then goes on in her column to explain just how that is happening in Virginia, Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma, Utah, and many other states. Encouraging stuff. She concludes:

Obamacare is a major weapon to carry out Obama's plan to transform America into a country of incredible debt, government control of industries, redistribution of taxpayers' earnings and savings to non-taxpayers, and massive authority exercised by weirdo Czars. The American people — and the various States — are not going to accept Obama's transformation.

Again, it's a hopeful read and you can find it right here at Eagle Forum.