Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Repealing ObamaCare Isn't Going to Be Easy

Okay, here's the scenario -- the American people's disgust with ObamaCare and the Democrat's arrogance in passing it through lies, bribes, and breaking rules of fair play results in Republicans re-taking Congress in 2002 and even the White House in 2004.

Whew. Then we get rid of ObamaCare altogether, right?

Not so fast, says Mark Steyn.

...I'm not sure the British example is quite as comforting as [Mona Charen] thinks. Thirty years ago, Mrs. Thatcher did wonders, smashing the unions, privatizing government airlines and government automobile manufacturers and government coal mines and everything else, and selling off public housing to its tenants — and by 2012 I think the GOP might benefit from some similarly clear-cut, big eye-catching liberty signature policy.

But the Tories were never able to do anything about the health service, anymore than they can in Canada and elsewhere. In private, cabinet ministers agree it's a disaster and they wish it had never happened, but in public they're reduced to insisting, as even Mrs. Thatcher did, that "the NHS is safe in our hands." Why? Because a lot of people, once they've traded individual liberty for government security, never want to go back.

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