Monday, March 22, 2010

Beyond Scandalous Sunday: Part Two

What happened in Washington, D.C. last night was distressing, decadent, disgusting -- and thoroughly Democrat.

And it's that last element that needs to be the immediate target for principled conservatives.

We can't afford the time or energy to cry about the affair. We must instead find in it new energy and resolve to fight back against the political party that has declared itself against the Constitution, against the sanctity of life, against fair play and honesty, against transparency and responsibility, against democracy itself.

Christians, in particular, must be more tireless than ever, more consistent, more principled and prayerful. We must utilize new techniques and ideas while hanging firmly onto America's heritage and our religious values.

And, although we fight, we must also build. For instance, we must renew our commitment to the education of our children and the enlightenment of our culture. We must make our churches places where the Bible is taught with confidence and joy. We must live as Christ's servants, displaying the beauty of holiness and truth to a watching world. And, while we continue to work within the political system, we must go beyond, seeking also to win over the consciences of our fellow Americans on such issues as abortion, marriage, family life, and religious freedom.

Scandalous Sunday could be a beginning of something very, very good -- if we seize the moment.