Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Omaha's Storied Christian History

A couple of weeks ago I gave a story-oriented presentation about the Christian history of Omaha to residents of the Via Christe Assisted Living Community down on the Duchesne campus. I spoke about it in this blog post from February 4th and suggested that this "edifying entertainment" might be something you'd like to provide for your church, Sunday School class, nursing home or whatever.

Well, I'm delighted that a couple of you took me up on the offer. Keith Deras (a friend, fellow pro-lifer and my insurance guy) invited me to give a version of the talk to his Lion's Club last Monday and Bill Coker (friend, pro-life colleague and fellow bibliophile) has set it up for his adult Sunday School class at King of Kings a week from Sunday. (I've got to do it and book out quick, of course, because I've got to then get across town to preach at Faith Bible Church.)

So, with that last offer a success, I make it again. If you're interested in an interesting, sometimes inspiring, sometimes humorous journey back through Omaha's religious history, drop us a note. It's fun...and it's free.