Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Euthanasia: It's Here, Now It Needs to be Protected

A leader of Quebec medical doctors recently explained to a National Assembly committee that euthanasia was already a reality in Quebec hospitals but it was being done quietly because doctors realized that old laws could still get them in trouble.

But now, he was pleased to report, the topic is being openly discussed, guidelines were being established and popular opinion was helping move forward a new ethic, one that would break up those old laws (and that discarded sanctity of life ethic they were based on) and usher in protected euthanasia practices. Thus, the medical specialists can save money, reduce stress and conveniently get rid of hopeless cases like cancer patients or newborns with serious medical difficulties or seniors whose bodies are shutting down.

The fellow went on to compare the move towards euthanasia with the evolution that society had undergone regarding abortion.

And he maintained that was a good thing.

Ladies and gentleman, this way to perdition.