Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The 6 Key "Life Matters" About the Health Care Bill

At tomorrow's health care reform "summit meeting," leaders from both political parties will be exploring whether there are any areas of possible agreement between them. Given the secretive, manipulative, and outrageous actions of President Obama and the Democrats in Congress in this whole mess, not to mention the budget-busting boondoggle that ObamaCare represents, that doesn't seem likely.

However, of greatest concern to pro-lifers is that, despite Obama's promises to the contrary, the bill they're pushing now is worse than ever in promoting abortion and abortion funding by taxpayers.

To help stop this train wreck from becoming law, Americans United for Life, long the "legal arm of the pro-life movement," are asking you to sign this petition outlining 6 major areas of key interest. AUL will be engaging leaders from both parties on all 6 of these issues tomorrow but it helps them immensely to point to the public's support of their effort.

So, read the petition right here and follow the instructions there to sign on. It just takes a few minutes to accomplish both. And, believe me, it will be of great help to them.