Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Conversation Starters

Here's the latest from our "Making the Most of Christmas" packet --

Having a party and you want to get folks in the Christmas mood?

Maybe you need something to help you engage co-workers in a profitable discussion about the season? You might just want something to assist you in your own reflections on this holy, happy season. Well, whatever your purpose, here's a few Christmas conversation starters that might do the trick.

1) What would be the perfect Christmas setting for you?
A snow-covered inn in Vermont? A "silent night" overlooking Bethlehem?
A bustling New York street in the 1940's? You name it!

2) Are there any ethnic or ancestral holiday traditions you keep? Are there traditions you have invented or adapted for your own family?

3) You are the director of the ultimate Christmas television special.
Who are your musical guests (living or late)?

4) What is your favorite Christmas scent?

5) Do you prefer blinking or non-blinking lights?

6) What is your favorite Christmas film?

7) Describe a special ornament that hangs on your tree.

8) Did you ever peek to discover your Christmas presents?

9) What is your favorite Christmas song?

10) Did you ever participate in a Christmas pageant?
Give a quick review of how it went.

11) What is one of ways you first realize Christmas is coming?

12) What do you believe is the most delicious fruit in a fruitcake?

13) Describe the Christmas eves of your childhood.
How are they different today?

14) What is the most memorable Christmas gift you ever gave?

15) Describe your worst Christmas travel experience.

16) What is your favorite Christmas beverage?

17) Tell something about the Christmas trees
you remember from your childhood.

18) Do you send out Christmas cards? Explain why or why not.

19) Where do you place your nativity set?

20) Christmas dinner at your house. Describe it.

21) Do you have any special service projects lined up for Christmastime?

22) What's the newest Christmas music you have in the house?

23) Clothes for Christmas gifts. Where do you weigh in on this controversy?

24) What do you make (or have you made) with your own hands at Christmas?

25) What is your favorite Christmas literature?

26) What did you do as a child when Christmas vacation came around?

27) What's a good way to deal with the post-holiday blues?

28) Describe the Christmas mornings of your childhood.
How are they different today?

29) Of all the figures around the nativity scene,
whom do you most identify with?

30) What do you think is an appropriate gift to give Jesus on His birthday?