Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Classless Move by CBS

You heard that Adam Lambert's appearance on "Good Morning America" was cancelled after protests of his outrageous homoerotic actions the night before on the American Music Awards (also ABC). But did you know that as soon as Lambert heard he was off the show, he was booked on the "CBS Early Show?"

The network that puts up with the schoolyard (make that barnyard) behavior of David Letterman is at it again.

And speaking of CBS, did you happen to catch the photos of Katie Couric dancing at the celebration party after she was named the CBS News anchor back in 2006? The photos turned up on her daughter's Facebook page in a photo album called "Four Martini Minimum."

Age has its honors, Katie. But looking good while doing the boogaloo isn't one of them. Wait for the slow dances.