Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are Muslims Just Like Everybody Else?

Harold Berry, former instructor of theology and Greek at Grace University and author of Truth Twisters and several other books, deftly responded to a recent article (now unavailable) in the Omaha World-Herald.

Unfortunately, the newspaper didn't print the response.

But I will.

"I read with interest the item: “Muslims’ Refrain: We’re Like You” (Saturday, Sept. 19). If this is true, then I have some questions: Why do Muslim countries sentence to death those who convert from Islam? Why are there “honor killings” in Muslim families, even in the U.S., for those who don’t heed their family’s faith? In Pakistan, why is it a life sentence for anyone who desecrates the Koran, and a mandatory death sentence for disrespect to the Prophet (Muhammad)? Why are there so few, if any, women’s rights in Muslim countries? In Saudi Arabia, why is no Christian even allowed in their holiest city, Mecca?

Like us? I think not."

Good letter. And an example of how to keep the light shining into the culture. For though the newspaper didn't bother to print this one, they have printed others of Harold's. And, from time to time, they've printed mine. Indeed, the more of us who write letters (sound, courteous, concise and relevant) to editors, politicians, businessmen, network executives, pastors, school officials, and so on, the more illuminating our corporate witness for our Lord and His righteousness.

For a few tips on letter-writing as a ministry, take a look at this primer published over on the Vital Signs Ministries web site. And for a few appropriate action targets, just go to the Taking Action section of this blog. Then grab your pen and paper (or keyboard for e-mails), brew up a cup, and start shining a little bit of light.