Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hermeneutics Plus: It's a Busy Day Ahead

Blogging is light this morning because I've got to run down to Grace University to teach a couple of hermeneutics classes up at Grace University for my friend Dan Hauge who will be conducting a funeral for one of his former parishioners.

Hermeneutics (i.e. Bible study methods) is a favorite field of mine and I've taught mini-courses on it here at Faith Bible Church, in Moscow and several times in Minsk. Nevertheless, I'll try and stay with the class textbook and the accompanying Power Point visuals (yipes - never use the stuff!) and not go into my own lecture notes. Like I said, I'll try.

Other stuff on tap today include preparations for a meeting early tomorrow morning regarding this year's Haggai Festival in Burkina Faso, putting all the 1 Peter sermons on Exposition 101, cleaning up the garage (my brother Ric came in from Denver and took most of Mom's furniture), helping Claire post pictures on her Facebook page, and answer a pile of correspondence.

But now it's those Grace classes. I gotta' book.

See you on Facebook.