Thursday, July 30, 2009

Propping Up Obama: The Media's Job One

President Barack Obama bumbles, fumbles and stumbles his way towards ending democracy in America and destroying her economic strength. He is naive and timid when it comes to protecting our country's interests and only bold and energetic when it comes to promoting abortion, sexual deviancy and socialism.

Even his vaunted oratorical skills turn out to be bogus, a mix of soaring phrases without meaning, wild distortions and even outright lies...served up on ever-present teleprompters to keep him from sounding like a boring boob.

And yet the media continues to treat him as the Anointed One. Unbelievable.

A case in point is provided here in this puff piece by the Associated Press which was run as a lead story on Yahoo. In it even Barack Obama's remarkably dim-witted racism (accusing the Cambridge police of "acting stupidly" when in the proper performance of their duty) and then dragging the affair onto his own stage without ever offering a simple apology (once again, it's all about him) is somehow twisted into a glowing achievement.