Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama Headache: An Inspector General Who "Goes Not Gently Into That Dark Night"

Though the state-run media hasn't yet shown much interest in the matter, the illegal firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin may not go away as easy as Team Obama hopes. Here's a few of the latest soundings.

* "Walloping Walpin" from "The Prowler" over at the American Spectator;

* "A Witness to Walpin-gate: The White House Excuse for Firing an IG Falls Flat" from the Washington Times editors;

* "How Republicans Can Crack the AmeriCorps Scandal" by Byron York over in the new Washington Examiner;

* "Gerald Walpin Is Superman" by Glenn Beck; and

* "Gerald Walpin is Not Afraid," a lengthy but excellent analysis by Rush Limbaugh.