Friday, May 29, 2009

And You Thought You Were A Free Moral Agent? It's All In Your Head.

Well, to be precise, in the parietal cortex of your brain.

For quite some time now, certain scientists and Darwinian social engineers have insisted that Man is merely a chemical mixture with his behavior (even his notions of self, free will and spirituality) actually determined by 1) the random interaction of biological forces within him and 2) the random effects of environment without.

Well, don't you know, there's a new study out from CNRS Cognitive Neuroscience Centre in Bron, France, which claims to have found exactly where our fantasy of free will is located; namely, the parietal cortex of the brain.

Of course, these fanciful theories are not taken seriously by anyone when it comes to real life. Everyone continues to exercise judgment (just as if it were a real thing) when they look at a menu, when they look in their wardrobe closet, when they look at one another in a singles bar. No, even the folks who keep inventing these fictions dare not try and actually live by them.

However, these theories (increasingly claimed as fact) are convenient as a tool to destroy the boundaries that Christianity established for Western culture. For the further we drive away the teaching of the Bible about Man, God, morality, and the afterlife, the more free we are to create our own rules and pursue our own ends.

Even it means denying our dignity; even it makes us constant hypocrites; even if it ends in spiritual death -- we will have no God rule over us.