Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Obama Now Insists He Didn't Bow to Muslim King. But Please Don't Look At The Video Tape!

The White House has issued a statement that the now-infamous bow Barack Obama made to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah wasn't a bow at all. He was just shaking the hand of a man shorter than himself.

(Of course, I should say that the bow is infamous only because of the alternative media. The MSM has generally deliberately overlooked Obama's shameful gaffe like they have all his other bonehead moves.)

Anyhow, the White House statement is an outright lie. And a really stupid one too because, as they say, pictures don't lie. And this video clip clearly shows the bow for what it was.

It's ironic that the liberal press (usually quite disturbed by capital punishment) isn't bothered at all by Obama's foolish act of obeisance to King Abdullah, a despot whose country just beheaded three more criminals. Thant makes 20 so far -- and it's only April. Last year's total reached 102. But then, when you lop off people's heads for murder, drug trafficking, rape and even armed robbery, the numbers do pile up.

For more about King Abdullah, the Saudi's "peace plan" and Obama's bow that never was, read this brief commentary by David Pryce-Jones over at NRO. And then check out this Washington Times editorial -- very good.