Friday, April 24, 2009

How Deranged and Cruel Can You Get? Apple iPhone's "Baby Shaker" Game

This Baby Shaker game was created by a software developer but it was Apple's decision to sell this "iPhone App" at their stores and websites. It's about as sick as you can get.

But be sure to note the response in this short clip of Rand Alexander, an iPhone Application Developer, who obviously isn't too bothered with the dangerous cruelty the "game" represents. He thinks such things might need some kind of rating system (Baby Shaker, he says, could fit under "Mature Comedy") but otherwise he's comfortable with the "free market" deciding these matters.

Shaking a baby until his eyes blink out in death is mature comedy? I think I'm going to be sick.

But before I lose it, I'm writing this memo to Apple and sending it via the form on this page. (I chose Enhancement Request" as the Feedback Type they asked for.)

"We recently were informed by our cell phone provider that they were phasing out of the business by next fall. So we were looking for a new system and, of course, new phones. We were considering an iPhone. However, after learning of your company's allowing the cruel and remarkably deranged Baby Shaker to go on market, we have dropped the iPhone from our consideration. If, in addition to your apology, there is substantial restitution made (say, a hefty donation to groups who combat child abuse) and a pledge to avoid such dangerous and insensitive "games" in the future, we might reconsider."

I encourage you to do the same.