Friday, March 27, 2009

Vicious Anti-Semitism in the Washington Post

Abe Greenwald in Commentary points out the obvious (well, to everyone except the modern liberal) that the Washington Post's publication of a viciously anti-Semitic cartoon (one "portraying the state of Israel as a headless jackbooted soldier, marching with sword thrust forward, and pushing a Star of David whose shark’s mouth is gaining on a Gazan mother and child") is irresponsible, unfair and dangerous.

It reveals more than a double standard -- imagine the furor liberals would have if such a horrendous caricature was made of an Arab or of Barack Obama -- Greenwald suggests it heralds "a new popular acceptance of Jew-hatred."

It's hard to look at the Nazi-themed cartoon, know that it was published by such an established newspaper as the Washington Post, and not agree with Greenwald's frank assessment.