Monday, March 30, 2009

Saying Goodbye to the Wolf

It may not have looked like a typical funeral, not with hundreds of motorcyles parked outside Hope Baptist Church and the sanctuary filled with tattooed bikers in club colors. But it was a funeral full of loving respect, intense memories, and the power of the gospel of Christ to dramatically change lives.

James "Wolf" Corrao, was being remembered by his friends and associates of the road.

"Until six years ago Wolf had been one of those outlaws, a “one-percenter,” a member of the biker gangs notorious for intimidation and mayhem. In his own words, which were read at the service, he was an outlaw among outlaws — an enforcer, bouncer and bodyguard. He had written the story of his faith a few days before his death, intending to share it at a Bible study that had been scheduled for this day."

Here's the rest of this compelling report, a fine story written by Marshall Allen for the Las Vegas Sun.