Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama Watch: What You May Have Missed Over the Weekend

* "Obama Cracks Up: What the Worst Week of His Young Administration Says About the President" by Timothy Carney at the New York Post;

* "Orator Obama Shaping Up as Olympic Gaffe Gold Medalist" by Margery Eagan at the Boston Herald;

* Comandante Obama: The President Has Made America Look Like a Banana Republic" by Peter Robinson at Forbes;

* "Has a ‘Katrina Moment’ Arrived?" by pop culture columnist Frank Rich (a liberal, by the way) over at...can this be right...the New York Times. (And from what Jonathan Martin points out at Politico, Rich wasn't the only only New York Times writer giving "unfriendly fire" to President Obama this weekend. It came too from Thomas Friedman, Maureen Dowd, and the Times' lead editorial. Yipes.)

* "Tongue-tied Barack Obama Is Turning Into Jimmy Carter" by Tim Shipman at the Telegraph;

* "Barack Obama Is a Terrible Bore" by Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff at Newser.