Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who Is Really the Coward? What Eric Holder Refuses to Address in His Coversation About Race

Regarding Attorney General Eric Holder's remarks last week about the U.S. being a “nation of cowards” for refusing to talk about matters of race, Heather MacDonald over at City Journal asks, "Is he nuts?"

She then goes on to delineate: 1) why Holder's rhetoric is at odds with social reality (specifically on the American electorate, crime, education, and the family) and 2) Holder's commitment to the same socially damaging policies he championed when he worked for Bill Clinton.

It's a fine article -- detailed, well-written and showing a genuine compassion for those struggling to escape from the woefully failed social politics of the left. Here it is.

Also relevant to the matter is Gregory Kane's article, "Will Holder Discuss These Five Racial Issues?" over at DC Examiner.