Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pro-Life Drama -- "The Program Committee"

The scene opens at a kitchen table where five women have been enjoying pastries and coffee. The curtain rises on the planning portion of the meeting just getting underway.

Missy: "Okay, okay, girls! Let's get going, alright?" (She bangs her spoon lightly against her coffee cup.) "The meeting of the Women's Spring Conference Program Committee is officially underway."

"The Program Committee," the skit that follows this innocent opening call, provides an illuminating (and provocative) glimpse into how modern Christians have been affected by secularism, a self-absorbing entertainment culture, and the failure to properly defend the sanctity of life.

It is a skit designed for use by churches, Sunday schools, youth groups, pro-life groups -- if they dare! But you can check it out in safety (it just takes a few minutes to read) right here at the Vital Signs Ministries web site.