Monday, February 23, 2009

Had Any "Pleasant Valley Sundays" Lately?

It was certainly a "Pleasant Valley Sunday" for us yesterday.

* We had a splendid time of worship at Faith Bible Church. The expository sermon covered Acts 13:1-13 -- the Antioch Church sending Barnabas and Saul on a ground-breaking missionary endeavor; the confrontation with the magician Elymas; and the conversion of Sergius Paulus, the proconsul of Cyprus -- great stuff!

* Then there was a "street picnic" with Claire as we munched Wendy's hamburgers so we could get a great parking spot for the afternoon concert.

* Next? The Omaha Symphony at the Holland Center. The Symphony puts on a free concert every year for season ticket holders and their guests in order to show their appreciation -- and to build excitement for the next season so that we'll continue our subscriptions. It's a terrific idea and yesterday's concert was a dilly: Brahms, Beethoven, Holst, Borodin, a delightful original piece based on Looney Tunes, and more. And there was indeed exciting news about next season that guarantees our staying aboard. Mission accomplished, maestro. Enhancing our enjoyment of the concert were the friends from church who accompanied us (Kathy, Lynette, Paul and Jeanette) and good friends Dick and Jan Loneman who stumbled upon us in the crowd.

* We got home in time to catch the last few holes of the Northern Trust Open at Riviera. Wow. It was a very tense, very dramatic comeback with our favorite, Phil Mickelson, sinking in a 8-ft par putt for the win.

* Then over to Mom's who is still rehabilitating from a compression fracture in her lower back over at a nearby nursing home. I filled her in on the events of the day and then we spent a couple of hours talking about our memories from the 1960's back in Colorado. You see, I've kicked off a kind of "memory contest" with my siblings: James aka "Highway" in Florida, Sherry in Kansas, Ric in Colorado and Linda in California. I began listing a bunch of events, persons, phrases, places, items, and practices ("stream of consciousness" style) and then sent them to the other kids and asking them to do likewise. Well, they've come back with great lists of their own -- and I hope they'll keep coming! The result is a whole lot of fun for us all. Plus we're keeping in contact (always a good thing) and it provides a charming and important service for my Mom who needs this kind of stimulation for her mind...and her soul. Thanks a bunch, guys.

* The night ended back home where Claire and I had a late dinner, watched an old episode of "Murder, She Wrote" via the magic of Netflix Instant Watch, and then up to the study to finish up the mystery novel I had started the night before.

Ah, if only all Sundays could be so sweet, huh?