Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Obama Priority: Abortion Overseas (And with Your Money)

Laura Hirschfeld Hollis writes an excellent column for Town Hall evaluating President Obama's "first export;" namely, the order to start giving American taxpayers' money to promote and even perform abortions as part of America's foreign policy.

Here are a couple of extracts but I do encourage you to read the whole piece. For instance, you won't want to miss her concluding paragraphs aimed at those supposed pro-life citizens who were so foolishly beguiled into voting for Obama.

...With nearly 50 million children destroyed by abortion in the United States alone since 1973, do we really need more? Technology like 3-D ultrasound has demonstrated that the human child in the uterus is far more developed and biologically sophisticated much earlier in gestation than we knew 36 years ago. (Remember “it’s just a clump of cells”?) Fetal surgery now saves children with formerly life-threatening conditions like spina bifida, and treatment for preemies has backed up viability to less than 23 weeks – that is just over halfway through a normal pregnancy. Isn’t it long past time that America’s policy on abortion reflected the scientific information that we now have about fetal development? Shouldn’t the president whose campaign was energized by cutting-edge technology, and whose inaugural address emphasized the proper role of science be swayed by that?

What are we to make of the first African-American president who is so blind to the devastation abortion has wrought among African-Americans? African-Americans make up less than 15% of the U.S. population, but over 35% of abortions are performed on African-American women. To get some sense of the magnitude of this impact, consider that, according to the Center for Disease Control, nearly 293,000 black Americans died in 2005. The single largest cause of death was heart disease, which claimed over 74,000 lives. By comparison, the 1400 abortions of black babies daily in the United States is over 438,000 African-Americans destroyed every year. Upwards of 13 million abortions have decimated the African-American population in this country. This is a holocaust, and one that cannot be prettied up under the rubric of “reproductive freedom.” Why does the man who hearkens back to the words of Martin Luther King not heed the call of some of King’s descendants who lead on this issue today?

And, ironically, since the “family planning” agencies now receiving U.S. dollars are disproportionately working in developing nations, the recipients of such “care” will almost certainly be “people of color,” as the expression goes. What do Obama’s supporters think about the fact that among his first acts as President is helping pay for the destruction of babies of color in other countries?...