Friday, September 12, 2008

Looking for a Provocative, Punchy Primer on Stem Cell Issues?

Our friend and invaluable pro-life colleague, Chip Maxwell, has written a book that you're going to find very informative and helpful. And despite the controversial topic the book explores (stem cell research), because the author is Chip Maxwell, I can guarantee you'll find it engaging, memorable...even fun.

Vital Signs has selected Check with Chip on Stem Cell Research for one of our next Book It! discussion series and so we have ordered several copies. You can do so too right here at Amazon.

And to help close the deal, check out the first few paragraphs from the book's introduction. They're good...and they're an indication of how relevant, provocative and genuinely advantageous Check with Chip on Stem Cell Research will be.

Have you been in conversations where people make you feel like a cave-dwelling, anti-science religious nut for asking whether it’s ethical to destroy human embryos for stem cell research? With this book you can deflate all that arrogance and condescension and come out on top.

This book is for the general public. I’m not a medical doctor or research scientist. I became familiar with the issue as a Nebraska state senator and now serve as the executive director of the Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research. NCER loves stem cell research, but does not want embryos destroyed to do it. The good news is that stem cell research has been succeeding for decades, and will continue to succeed, without destruction of embryos.

I’m confident discussing stem cell research because I’ve been educated by NCER’s board, which is comprised primarily of ethicists, doctors, and biomedical researchers. My job has been to make sure the scientific arguments are presented in plain language for the general public.

Please understand, though, that this book is mine, not NCER’s. NCER’s style is calm and deliberate. In this book I swing from the heels.

The format is a talk-radio show on paper. I host a local live call-in radio show, Check with Chip, on weekends, so I’ve written this book as if it’s a Check with Chip show. It reflects what I’ve heard and read during four years of involvement with this issue. I’ve been told it helps to witness some sparring. The back-and-forth clarifies the points and shows people how to use the arguments.

This is what you need to prevail in the trenches and on the front lines – family and social gatherings, favorite watering holes, anywhere you participate in the great conversation going on around us all the time. You’ll be ready when the focus drifts from weather, movies, and sports to stem cell research...

Again, you can order your own copy of Check with Chip on Stem Cell Research (only $9.95) from Amazon or CreateSpace. And you're more than welcome to join us for what I'm sure will be a scintillating Book It! discussion about it. Hey, we might even have the author drop in to sign your book! We won't schedule the discussion until I get back from Africa and we have to get the Book It! evening dealing with Charles Colson's The Faith out of the way first, but do give us a call or zip over an e-mail and we'll set a date some time in November.