Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vital Signs Pie Social Celebrates Upcoming Haggai Fest in Burkina Faso


The scene last night at the annual Vital Signs Ministries pie social was a grand one indeed as the 110 people present not only enjoyed all of the usual delights of the event (great fellowship, delicious desserts, and exciting updates of Vital Signs activities), but they were also treated to some terrific music from Patrice Kabore and his talented team hailing from Burkina Faso and Chad. Patrice handled the keyboard with Linda and Meelom joining him in the vocals while Jonathan played bass and Gerald whipped up on the drums. They were fantastic and the praise songs were joyous, triumphant and especially a blessing when we all joined in -- even the ones sung in different languages!

The music also served as a splendid backdrop to Patrice's brief video and his subsequent comments about the Haggai Fest coming up in Burkina Faso the first part of October, a groundbreaking event to which I have been invited to participate. It will be my second trip to Burkina Faso and this time around my primary duties will be to teach seminars to Christian leaders on the biblical philosophy (as well as specific techniques) of children's ministries. I'm really looking forward to being a part of this wonderful outreach and I'm humbled to be a part of the impressive international team Patrice has assembled.

The attendees of the VSM pie social were deeply moved by Patrice's presentation and I'm sure you will be too if you zip over to the web site of the Haggai Fest and look around a bit. In fact, I'm hoping you might find it so exciting that you'll join in the mission's support by praying for its success and by making a donation to help with the expenses. And those, as you might guess, are not minor. You can donate right there on line and, believe me, every gift will be deeply appreciated.

Again, it was a truly splendid and memorable evening. I'd like to thank everyone who helped with pies and with set up and clean up, especially Allen Nelson, Keith and Carol Moran, Quint and Carol Coppi, and Ron Herrick. Thanks too to our several friends from Faith Bible Church (where I have been teaching) who traveled all that way west to be a part of the evening's happenings. It was a real treat for Claire and I to have you meet some of the Vital Signs team...and vice versa. It made for just one more lovely blessing on an already lovely evening.