Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Aspirin Without Parental Permission. But the Morning-After Pill? Okey-Dokey.

Your child's school almost certainly requires your consent for your kid to receive an aspirin from the nurse. But what about receiving a dose of the misnamed “morning-after pill”?

That's copacetic in nine states where laws allow distribution of the morning-after pill to girls under the age of eighteen. There are now over 150 government schools across the country who are distributing this powerful drug to students without parental permission or even parental knowledge. Without action soon, that number will probably continue to grow.

Marian Ward of Concerned Women for America has the story for you right here. It includes information on Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn's “Schoolchildren’s Health Protection Act” (H.R. 6453) which would restore the rights of parents to have oversight in the matter of their children’s health. Furthermore, it's a bill with teeth -- it denies Medicaid, SCHIP and Title X federal funds to school-based health clinics if that school fails to comply with the proposed provision.

The article urges you to contact your own political representatives about this key measure and links you to a compelling multimedia interview with Rep. Lamborn and CWA President Wendy Wright. Check it out.