Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Are the Leftists of the NEA! And We Have Your Kids!

Yes, I know that you've read before about the radically liberal positions taken by the National Education Association (many of which are completely unrelated to education), but I urge you to review them again by reading this alarming Phyllis Schlafly column.

There's not much commentary in it, just a litany of the resolutions passed at the NEA's national conference earlier this month. From statehood for the District of Columbia to government-run health care; from gun control to global warming mania; from abortion on demand to "the feminist boondoggle called the Women's Educational Equity Act" -- the NEA's positions are way, way left of the American people. So too are the numerous resolutions they passed which promote all planks of the homosexual agenda.

And, of course, there were the regular resolutions declaring the NEA's strident, totalitarian opposition to vouchers, tuition tax credits, parental option plans, home schools, and anything else that might make for competition or, for that matter) even oversight of what the NEA is doing with their coerced membership dues.

And these are the people in charge of America's kids!

Get a broader look at this horror story in Phyllis Schlafly's column right here.