Monday, July 07, 2008

Scott Wesley Brown Sings a Warning

Scott Wesley Brown is an extremely talented and successful Christian "musicianary," a man whose devotion to the gospel, to theological orthodoxy, to compassion in action, and to standards of biblical justice have provided, for many years now, a dramatic inspiration to untold numbers around the world. And yet Scott's zeal in the Lord's cause grows ever stronger and he's as energetically involved in building the Church as if he was just getting started.

Having been of direct help to us at Vital Signs Ministries in our first years of service as well as to the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling here in Omaha when we were getting that ministry started, Claire and I (along with the whole Vital Signs team) have long held the greatest appreciation and affection for Scott.

He is, most definitely, the real deal.

And with such compelling musical exhortations as "When America Is Not America Anymore" to his credit, our appreciation just keeps growing. Give a listen (and a look) to Scott's moving new song here in this YouTube presentation he alerted us to this weekend. If you're not already, I think it will help move you to join us as die-hard SWB fans.

For more about Scott Wesley Brown, his music, his live events, and how you can help out in his terrific I Care global ministry, check out the official SWB web site right here.