Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Use Extreme Caution: Multi-Taskers Ahead

One of my pet peeves is this new phenomena of “multi-tasking” but until a few days ago, when a “multi-tasker” came dangerously close to ending my life on a stretch of I-680, I hadn’t given the thing too much attention.

I have now.

And after examining several sources (ranging from business consultants to technocrats to psychologists) I find my that assumptions about multi-tasking, negative as they might have been, turned out to be not negative enough. For multi-tasking turns out to be pretty roundly criticized by experts in all of the above fields as being counter-productive, mentally and emotionally unhealthy, and even dangerous – as when the driver of a double semi-trailer tries to operate his rig at 65 miles an hour on a crowded interstate highway while eating a hamburger with one hand and dipping French fries into the container of ketchup on the dashboard with his right!...

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