Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On Heinz's "Gay Kiss" Commercial and Moral Consumerism

Though Claire was raised on Heinz Ketchup and prefers its taste to all others, she hasn't bought the stuff for several years. The reason? Claire is a morally-conscious consumer, one who tries to direct her purchasing power towards products and services that will not require a compromise with her basic moral standards.

We do not play "boycott police" with others nor do we use these convictions to create an air of self-righteousness. But we do believe it important to live a consistently Christian ethic, submitting everything we do (including where and how we spend our money) under the Lordship of Christ.

Thus, we invest with the Timothy Plan.

We avoid, whenever possible, purchasing products made in Communist China (an enemy of the United States which brazenly uses slave labor, is guilty of a vicious forced abortion policy, and severely persecutes religious believers and freedom activists).

And we participate in boycotts of companies who aggressively promote such things as abortion and homosexuality. That's why Claire and I do not "do" (among others) McDonald's, WalMart, Marriott and affiliates, Kraft products, Starbucks...and yes, Heinz, the company that most recently gave us the "gay kiss" mayonnaise commercial.

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