Monday, June 16, 2008

Frank Schaeffer -- The Perennial Sophomore Roots for Obama (and Ominously Warns Republicans They Better Fall In Line)

Frank Schaeffer celebrated Father's Day yesterday with yet another shameful example of his whiny, wacky prodigal son act. Gosh, this is getting old.

Specifically, Schaeffer took to the online pages of the Huffington Post with a piece that is even more self-righteous and sophomoric than his usual stuff. And that's going a ways. The article, entitled with Schaeffer's typical schoolyard bluster, "A Warning to My Old Republican Friends: Screw Up The Obama Moment and You're History -- Literally" certainly represents a new low for Schaeffer as well as a new agony for those who remember him before his crack-up.

Read it and weep. Then pray to God you never dishonor your parents (not to mention selling out your Faith) the way Frank Schaeffer has done.

And, oh yes, after reading Schaeffer's eerie article, read through this reasonable refutation over at Red State.