Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jimmy Carter's Granddaughter Has Her Own Vision of the World...And She Can Darn Well Keep It Too!

One wonders if Jimmy Carter, even as loopy as he is, remains a happy and proud grandpa when he surveys the weird-o-rama art show his granddaughter has produced. Shawn Macomber writing for NRO certainly isn't impressed with Sarah Chuldenko's talent nor with her vision of the world -- and after reading just what fruity froth she serves up as cultural significance -- neither will you.

But Grandpa? Well, a guy that saw an attack bunny in the river when no one else did just might be a fellow who can appreciate Chuldenko's show, one that is described in the brochure as a “provocative collision of buoyant breasts, carnivorous plants, topographic flesh, oil slicks, and roadside IEDs” which “simultaneously depict phoenix totems of creation and destruction with a hint of irony.”

Gee, just "a hint of irony," Sarah?

I think I'll take the bunny.

By the way, the photo above is of Sarah Chuldenko's painting entitled New York 2001 (Can't you see New York in it, you rube?) and was offered as part of the "Take Home a Nude" Art Auction and Party held at Phillips de Pury & Company last April. And oh, just in case you're thinking about using "Take Home a Nude" for one of your own social functions, forget it. It's trademarked.