Friday, May 30, 2008

The High Priced Fantasies of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Chelsea Zimmerman does a close and insightful reading of Forbes Magazine's interview with Dr. Jamie Thomson, the scientist who produced the first human embryonic stem cells. She then points out for the rest of us some very significant admissions that Thomson makes about the unwarranted hype surrounding the scientific industry he helped create, the strict limits it is running into regarding the discovery of medical cures, and the primary purposes that have lay behind the jargon all along.

Chelsea, already a busy blogger with Reflections of a Paralytic (her primary blog), Adult Stem Cell Awareness, and a couple of others, has just taken on the reins of Missouri Life News. She's doing some very good work and I encourage you to check her blogs often. Chelsea is certainly one of the young, talented and principled internet journalists whose work bodes well indeed for the emerging pro-life movement of the new century.