Wednesday, May 28, 2008

58 States and Counting: Barack Obama Keeps Goofing Up (and Getting Away With It)

Barack Obama is fumbling, bumbling, stumbling away -- making more gaffes and goof-ups than Lucille Ball. But the mainstream media reporters who are covering (make that "covering up") Obama's campaign would rather dream of Dan Quayle's potato than tell you about the numerous errors and whopping untruths being committed regularly by their Democrat hero.

This reveals something more sinister than the normal double standard at play. This is enablement of the most egregious kind.

Brent Bozell gives you here a rundown on a few of Obama's most remarkable "oops moments." And, pay attention, for unlike a Republican's mistake, you won't be hearing Obama's bloopers ad nauseum from reporters, commentators and late night talk show hosts.