Monday, April 28, 2008

Yes or No? Virgina Foxx Gets Foxy with Sex Ed "Experts"

Last Friday, I cited the Family Research Council's commentary on the abstinence/government funds hearings being held on Capitol Hill. It included a paragraph describing a panel of "experts" answers to a simple "yes or no" question from Congresswoman Virgina Foxx.

Well, here's a bit more detail on that matter and it comes in the form of a very revealing video clip of the answers to Congresswoman Foxx (a Republican representing North Carolina's 5th District) and her simple question: "If provided evidence [that] abstinence education programs are as or more effective than comprehensive sex education, would you support optional federal funding for such programs?"

Watching this brief clip will show you in a dramatic way what abstinence-based education programs are up against; namely, an entrenched bureaucracy which ignores even the clearest and most salient of facts in their demand for valueless (and thus tragically counter-productive) sex ed programs.