Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Selling Out Innocence: Tesco Does It Again

A couple of years ago Tesco, the giant European chain store, shocked the public by putting a pole-dancing kit in the toy section of its website. Striptease training for kids? C'mon now. Tesco pulled the "toy," but only after a lot of heat was generated by parents, organizations and even media.

But now Tesco is at it again, this time selling a padded bra (with plunging neckline, no less) to girls as young as 7.

Deidre Sanders, the "Agony Aunt" of the Sun (U.K.), hardly a newspaper anyone would call prudish, writes;

I hope Tesco is shamed into withdrawing these bras immediately.

They are being sold as parents worry about protecting kids from sexual predators.

Little girls of seven and eight should not face pressure to use their appearance to appeal to anyone. It is an age for developing their personality and a measure of independence — to be learning to ride a bike and to skip 100 times without a break.

The last thing any sensible parent wants is for little girls to feel encouraged to develop sex appeal. Let’s allow them to have a normal childhood.