Monday, April 28, 2008

Memo to Jim Wallis: Social Justice Doesn't Include Abortion

A human being, created in the image and likeness of God, is brutally murdered. Indeed, the victim of this indefensible act is killed in the most heinous and barbaric of ways: her body ripped apart or, perhaps, burned to death by chemicals or her skull crushed.

That is what occurs in an abortion. And abortions are perpetrated thousands of times every day in America, creating an agonizing number of innocent lives unjustly taken whose blood cries out to a holy God.

But this Associated Press story (relying on liberal voices like Jim Wallis - the accompanying photo shows Wallis with a few friends) is, in reality, just a puff piece for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. It describes how young religious voters are avoiding the issue of abortion altogether to instead focus on matters of...uh..."social justice."

Social justice? While turning one's back on the senseless bloodbath I've described above?

Abortion represents a gruesome wave of violence that occurs in America's own neighborhoods -- with the numbers of victims in just one day being more than the number of Americans killed in the entire Iraq war to date.

No, Jim Wallis' heterodoxy and hypocrisy notwithstanding, to claim to be concerned about social justice while refusing to adamantly oppose the ongoing holocaust of abortion (or, as is true of Obama and his party, actually defending, promoting and extending the violence of abortion) is the basest and most irrational of immoralities.