Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama and the "Typical White Person" (His Grandmother)

Mark Murray over at MSNBC in writing of the "bad week" that each of the presidential candidates has just experienced, concludes that the worst week of all was felt by Barack Obama. In that regard he gives several instances stemming from the Jeremiah Wright/racism matter including this paragraph about the vaunted (but vacuous) speech:

Obama's defense of his grandmother racial issues by calling her a "typical white person" has many folks up in arms, who rightly claim that if either Clinton or McCain had said the phrase "typical black person" in a similar, there would be a full-fledged media firestorm. Of course, had Obama said this pre-Rev. Wright, would anyone have cared? It shows where this campaign is right now and why Obama's walking a tightrope. Every word he says on race is being scrutinized. This was an odd thing to say and offensive to a number of folks. No doubt we'll hear an apology from Obama. He obviously didn't mean for how it came across but, well, words matter.

Under questioning from Larry King in this video clip, Senator Obama tries to deal (but not very effectively) with the problem.